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Welcome to the Structures of Strength (SoS) platform, where scientists and scholars from diverse fields unite to share knowledge and address complex challenges
using porous materials. Our mission is to explore the applications of porous materials across various industries, including health, energy, food, and the

SoS Project

SoS members work together on a wide range of porous materials to tackle challenging problems that require interdisciplinary expertise.

From pollution filters to medical implants, our projects explore the vast potential of porous materials. Discover how our collaborative efforts are making a difference in various fields.


SoS is a fast-growing center with scientists from over 15 disciplines. Collaborating on porous material projects, our members organize and host events to accelerate innovation through new cross-disciplinary dialogues and build engaging content for public outreach.

An Unusual Center: Accelerating Innovation and Outreach in Porous Materials

Structures of