SoS Interdisciplinary Training Day

Effective communication is essential for successful interdisciplinary research. It allows for the sharing of ideas and information between researchers from different disciplines and to understand one another’s perspectives and work together effectively. Additionally, clear communication is necessary for coordinating research efforts, setting goals, and achieving successful outcomes. It can also be important for communicating research findings to the broader scientific community, as well as to policymakers and the public. 

This training day was designed to strengthen competences for the interdisciplinary collaboration in the Structures of Strength (SoS) working on diverse porous material projects. The training included:  

  • Introduction to the interdisciplinary research competences framework 
  • Practicing the competence of disciplinary grounding 
  • Communication and verbalizing one’s own discipline 
  • Introduction into listening levels and perspective-taking 
  • Conversation on boundary crossing and embodied exercises around friction
  • Enhancing ability to look at research topics from own and others’ disciplinary perspectives, with increased understanding of different disciplinary perspectives and how they can complement/contradict each other, as well as greater awareness of biases and assumptions.
  • Exploring diverse porous materials by opening up perspectives 

What is next? 

The framework will be applied in the SoS Day 2023 in planning diverse porous material interdisciplinary SoS projects in the realm of energy, health, food, and environmental changes. 

Training delivered by the centre for Unusual Collaborations. More resources: