About SoS

Our missions and goals

In Structures of Strength (SoS) platform scientists and scholars from very diverse fields from the realms of health, energy, food and environment come together to share knowledge and solve complex challenges together.

“Porous Material” is the common language, and we explore porous materials in applications ranging from natural and industrial all the way to medical and cultural including soil/woods, bone/biological membranes, pollution filters or batteries and fuel cells and catalysts, or artworks/paintings in medieval panels.


Initially, over two years ago, SoS was established in the context of the new alliance between some Dutch universities by Centre for Unusual Collaborations. Since 2023 SoS is open to all institutes and stakeholders. SoS had a rapid growth and include scientists and scholars from over 10 disciplines. SoS members explore a wide range of porous materials and work together to solve challenging problems for which the knowledge of more than one discipline or field is required.

How to join

SoS is an open platform and we onboard all the scientists showing interest to perform research on different porous materials in an interdisciplinary manner.


Dr. Amir Raoof

Email: a.raoof.uu.nl