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SoS Interdisciplinary Training Day

Effective communication is essential for successful interdisciplinary research. It allows for the sharing of ideas and information between researchers from different disciplines and to understand one another’s perspectives and work together effectively.

Science Festival

The Structures of Strength (SoS) team worked together to set up an experiment as part of the lively Betweter festival – an event that brings together science, art, music and fun for a broad audience. SoS is one of the Unusual Collaborations teams, supported by CUCo (the Centre for Unusual Collaborations).

SoS Day

A day to get away from the office and inspire each other for out-of-box solution and collaboration.

SoS Day includes several activities which begin by short introductory presentations and diverse porous materials from different members to awake our imagination and creativity by seeing wide porous materials diversity

Photo Journal

capturing porous media diversity in pictures!

Porous Materials: a Showcase of Interdisciplinarity in Science and Society. Porous materials are studied across many diverse disciplines that we have traditionally divided into cultural, natural, biological, medical and industrial.