SoS projects are scientific challenges around porous materials for which we aim to find innovative and sometimes surprising solutions.

A few examples of SoS Challenges include bio-sealing, improving fuel cells, simulating whole catalytic particles, filtration in the human kidney, transport in human bone, leakage across the human gut, and conservation of art and monuments. Although very different, these challenging problems all share the knowledge of porous materials, so we used the Porous Material keyword to develop a unique common language to collaborate and exchange methods towards developing very innovative and out-of-box solutions.

Tablets Project

How can we utilize knowledge from various fields to create pills with optimal strength and drug release?

Soil Project

How can we use the naturally existing microorganisms in soils to steer the aggregate stability and soil porosity?

AI Project

How can we use AI to better and faster characterize transport of particles and microorganisms in porous material?

Art & History Project

How can we use microbial organisms in our benefit to protect cultural and natural heritages?

Gut Project

How we can understand and improve epithelial barrier function by preventing its porosity?

Skleton Project

Can we draw inspiration from animal skeletons to build composite porous materials that are light and resistant?