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October 22 - October 23

SoS Day 2024

Porous Materials Across Domains: Their Future and Sustainability

The upcoming SoS Day 2024 brings together scientists and scholars working on diverse porous materials across natural, biological, medical, art/history, and industrial applications. SoS Day aims to create discussions and collaborations that will shape the future of porous materials research and its impact on sustainability.

Throughout the day, we will explore innovative solutions by collaborating and sharing knowledge and facilities across domains. Our goal is to accelerate the creation and use of porous materials, leading to significant breakthroughs in the field and transfer of knowledge to application and stakeholders. By developing connections between experts from various disciplines, we hope to show new potentials and push the boundaries of what is possible in porous materials science. Technology showcases will demonstrate cutting-edge methods and tools used in porous materials research to create new applications for research.

We will showcase current interdisciplinary challenges in SoS related to biological, medical, energy, and industrial applications. This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues from over 10 different fields, share insights, and contribute to discussions that could lead to the next big innovations. Networking sessions will provide opportunities to shape new collaborations and gain renewed perspectives on your work.

There will be also opportunities for students to present their work and participate in challenges in-line with SoS commitment to nurturing the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers.

We will conclude with recognizing future joint research projects, grant applications, or joint publications, as well as SoS broader outreach efforts.


22-23 October, Utrecht

For more information, please contact: a.raoof@uu.nl

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October 22 - October 23