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November 2

SoS Event: Pore Network Modelling

SoS Event: Pore Network Modelling and Percolation in Porous Materials

The SoS Event: Pore Network Modelling and Percolation in Porous Materials is workshop dedicated to exploring pore network modelling and its applications in understanding the behaviour of porous materials. This event will highlight:


Porous material’s pore space: Learn how the complex pore spaces of porous materials can be represented as a network of pores for further analysis.

Fluid flow in pore space: Understand how to simulate the flow of fluids, including multiphase flow, in porous materials.

Transport of nonreacting chemicals in pore spaces: Learn how to simulate the transport of non-reacting tracers in porous materials.

Transport of reacting chemicals in pore spaces: Explore what happens when chemical species are transported within porous materials and undergo chemical reactions.

Transport of adsorbing and clogging chemicals and particles in pore spaces: Investigate the effects of adsorption of flowing components onto porous materials and the settling and clogging of (nano)particles in pore spaces.


We will further create opportunities for:

Interdisciplinary discussions: Join conversations with members from various fields, learning how pore network modelling can be applied to solve complex problems in areas such as geoscience, energy, environmental engineering, materials science, and biomedical engineering.

Innovative solutions: Explore new developments in pore network modelling, emphasizing the integration of advanced computational techniques and complementary experimental methods to understand fluid flow and transport in porous media.

Showcasing applications: Present applications of the pore network modelling in diverse fields ranging from energy to environmental remediation and medical applications.

Possible collaborations: Create connections with participants for new collaborations that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, establishing a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.


Date: October 2024  TBA

Location: Utrecht University

Organizers: David Rieder, Maja Rücker, Amir Raoof

Registration: For more details and registration, please contact David Rieder at: d.r.rieder@tue.nl

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