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You are a student not wanting to be bound to the classical subjects within your field. You want to have a broad horizon, be connected to different disciplines that catch your interest while still use what you have learned in your years of lectures.

Then be a part of Structures of Strength and be at the forefront of interdisciplinary research. Here you can make use of our network across disciplines and universities, opening doors to vast amounts of information, ranging from broad to specific.

Phd Student

As a PhD student, you stand on the cusp of expertise in your field, equipped with knowledge, skills, and a deep passion for discovery. Yet, you seek more than what conventional paths offer; you yearn to expand your intellectual horizons, to explore the rich tapestry of knowledge that lies at the confluence of disciplines. If your academic curiosity cannot be contained within the traditional subjects of your field and you are driven by the desire to pioneer innovative research that transcends boundaries, “Structures of Strength” is your gateway to a world of interdisciplinary exploration.

Make use of our network to gain insight on your topic from a different professional field, uncovering possibilities you first would not even have considered.


You have acquired your doctorate and are conducting research in your field. Focusing on your own topic is interesting, otherwise you would not have come this far. However, you are still curious about other topics you see come by. Connecting with fellow professors outside of your normal circle can help elevate your own research as wel as contribute to research outside of your faculty. Using your knowledge in your own field is valuable, but discovering connections in a different discipline that those immersed in it might miss takes your understanding and contribution to a whole new level of depth and collaboration.

What do you gain by becoming a SoS member?

Gain access to our network of members

Elevate your own research by the help of insight from other disciplines

Be at the forefront of innovation in porous media

Help innovation by using your specific knowledge in relation to porous media to better tomorrow

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