Our Projects

From pollution filters to medical implants, our projects explore the vast potential of porous materials. Discover how our collaborative efforts are making a difference in various fields.

Innovating Healthcare with Porous Materials

Our research in biomedical applications of porous materials includes developing advanced bone scaffolds, artificial membranes, and medical implants. These materials enhance healing processes and improve patient outcomes.

Powering the Future with Porous Technology

We explore the use of porous materials in energy storage solutions such as batteries and fuel cells. Our innovations contribute to more efficient and sustainable energy systems.

Cleaner Environments through Innovative Filters

Our environmental research focuses on developing porous filters that effectively remove pollutants from air and water. These filters are essential in creating cleaner and healthier environments.

Preserving History with Science

We apply our expertise in porous materials to the conservation of cultural heritage, including artworks and medieval paintings. Our work helps preserve these invaluable pieces for future generations.

Enhancing Agriculture with Porous Solutions

Our research in agriculture involves developing porous materials that improve soil quality and water retention. These innovations help increase crop yields and support sustainable farming practices.

Advancing Industry with Porous Innovations

We work on the application of porous materials in various industrial processes, including catalysis and filtration. These materials enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

🎉 Join us in exploring the potential of porous materials to create innovative solutions for health, energy, environment, and more.