SoS Days are designed to get away from our offices and inspire each other for out-of-box solution and collaboration, and review what we achieved together and make new plans.

SoS Days 2022:

Location: Utercht – Utrechtse Heuvelrug

SoS Days 2022 included several activities which begin by short introductory presentations and diverse porous materials from different members to awake our imagination and creativity by seeing wide porous materials diversity. We continued by several brainstorming sessions and joint activities to find similarities between our research and to plan SoS activities in the year ahead of us.

brainstorming sessions were performed on:

  • developing Interdisciplinary Research on Porous Materials
  • engaging with stakeholders
  • developing an educational program
  • SoS outreach and documentation
  • reviewing current SoS Challenges

SoS Days 2023:

Location: Eindhoven – Evoluon Building 

In SoS Days 2023 we had researchers and leading experts working on very diverse forms of porous materials in a wide range of applications in the realms of health, food, energy, and environmental changes.
This year, during the two SoS days we will look at the past developments of the SoS platform and SoS as an independent platform. As such, the chosen theme of these days is: Celebrating & Securing
Celebrating: Together we celebrated the past phase of SoS, our joint research projects, interdisciplinary learning events, societal impact and outreach activities.
Securing: Developing new SoS projects and revisiting our funding opportunities (industry and public funds) together with our colleagues Research Offices.